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by Lonnie Hodge


Dozens of letters of application sent to an Italian restaurant (Danny’s Bagel) in Guangzhou, China

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Drivers will soon be slapped with a harsher penalty to stem the deadly trend on the nations roads.

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UK Telegraph Newspaper - Shanghai Correspondent:

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May 27, 2009

I'm Deleting My 8000+ Direct Messages on Twitter

I started deleting my 8000+ direct messages (DM's) on Twitter, then I stopped at 7947 and thought, I should take a quick photo and show you this, cause it's almost unbelievable. This is crazy!

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John Miller said...

That is totally nuts!

One quick tip from a geek. You can press ctrl + print on your keyboard to take a screenshot instead of actually taking a photo, then you can crop it in Mircosoft Paint (assuming you are in Windows, comes free with the operating system).


cheapchina said...

Hi John, thanks for the tip. I also wish Twitter had that magic mass delete button. Would make much life much easier!

Anonymous said...

Yo know what else is cool is that you took this at the moment you had exactly 1,000 updates.

Anonymous said...

I like this because it makes sense to me as well. Social media is too social. It's so social that unconsciously" people are saying and doing racially insensitive things. They don't realize it's racially insensitive because they're fed those same images on both the slanted and "neutral" news stations. It's ridiculous but it's been around so long that no one wants to question those sensationalist tactics or social media that has gotten the common man in on the problem. See you on vine. Stay positive. #sip