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Dear Mr. Bagel

by Lonnie Hodge


Dozens of letters of application sent to an Italian restaurant (Danny’s Bagel) in Guangzhou, China

China & Drunk Drivers

Drivers will soon be slapped with a harsher penalty to stem the deadly trend on the nations roads.

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Grocery shopping in China

Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Weirdchina is a story of an American family trying to survive in the back streets of China. Currently 100,000 followers and ranks as the top Twitter user in China.

Let us show you the secret China that foreigners rarely get to see. Follow us around as we explore new places and meet new people. See what $1.00 can buy in China

UK Telegraph Newspaper - Shanghai Correspondent:

Robert Kong Hai 孔海

American in China. Futurist. Global Entrepreneur.

Writer. Education, Social Media, News, Asia, Business

January 27, 2009

Funny Photo: "Dr. P. Adult Diapers", sold at a market in China

I found these today at a local market in China, "Dr. P. Adult Diapers". You get 10 to a bag. If you click on the photo, "see more", you can view it in a bigger size.

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