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Dear Mr. Bagel

by Lonnie Hodge


Dozens of letters of application sent to an Italian restaurant (Danny’s Bagel) in Guangzhou, China

China & Drunk Drivers

Drivers will soon be slapped with a harsher penalty to stem the deadly trend on the nations roads.

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Grocery shopping in China

Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Weirdchina is a story of an American family trying to survive in the back streets of China. Currently 100,000 followers and ranks as the top Twitter user in China.

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UK Telegraph Newspaper - Shanghai Correspondent:

Robert Kong Hai 孔海

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January 1, 2009

Hired Two Local Chinese College Girls Today For $117 a Month, Low Cost China Labor

Hired two local college girls today to help out around the house, cooking, cleaning, helping the kids with Chinese homework, they will work 4 hours a day X 5 days a week. I will be paying them 800RMB ($117.00) per month each, that is around 10RMB ($1.46) per hour, and payed once every 30 days. In China the labor is very cheap and believe it or not, this is about double the per hour rate of 5RMB ($0.73) offered in this area. They seemed very happy when I saw them today, and were excited about starting work, hopefully they can cook good, fingers crossed! I will find that out later today and give everyone an update after they make us lunch. I will also share with you a little more about the girls and tell you how I found them.

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