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April 9, 2008

Kid Drops Ice Cream Cone & Starts Crying

Andrew drops his ice cream on the table at KFC in Beijing and starts crying, but no problem, I will just scoop it up put it right back on the cone


krissy knox said...

Poor kid! I like when you said to him, "Don't cry." Maybe it'll toughen him up a little!

I love your blog. It looks fascinating.

I found you through someone I follow and who follows me, on Twitter. I am now following you, by the way. I hope you'll follow me back!

I watched this video and the one in which the young American boy spoke Chinese. I hope you'll add others to your YouTube site! They were interesting.

I couldn't believe some of the comments on YouTube regarding the video of the American boy who spoke English so well. A lot of commentators were saying that he probably never knew English in the first place!

I found that highly ignorant, as the boy was also speaking English on the YouTube video. I remember him telling "Lisa" that he "saw a peach flower." Children who speak two languages, as I am sure you are aware, often slip back and forth between languages (as do adults, I have noticed), especially where there are words that they don't know in the other language, or that don't exist in the other language. Then they use the words available in their own languages to suffice for foreign language. It was apparent that the little boy also knew English. Sigh. Sometimes people don't want to believe that there are those out there who possess intelligence. Maybe it's because they would be convicted that they were intelligent, and have to accomplish something in their life also... :)

krissy knox :)
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marshmellow said...

Hi! i love this video :D it's funny to see how one kid can be so clumsy and one kid can eat the ice cream without a hassle.

oh and when food drops on the table never pick it up and eat it bcuz u'll never know how many germs are on the table.

Cute video!!!!!