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Dear Mr. Bagel

by Lonnie Hodge


Dozens of letters of application sent to an Italian restaurant (Danny’s Bagel) in Guangzhou, China

China & Drunk Drivers

Drivers will soon be slapped with a harsher penalty to stem the deadly trend on the nations roads.

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Grocery shopping in China

Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Weirdchina is a story of an American family trying to survive in the back streets of China. Currently 100,000 followers and ranks as the top Twitter user in China.

Let us show you the secret China that foreigners rarely get to see. Follow us around as we explore new places and meet new people. See what $1.00 can buy in China

UK Telegraph Newspaper - Shanghai Correspondent:

Robert Kong Hai 孔海

American in China. Futurist. Global Entrepreneur.

Writer. Education, Social Media, News, Asia, Business

March 22, 2008

1000 Beijing China Links

Beijing Olympic 2008 - the offical web site for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Beijing Basics - Introduction, Geomantic design of various famous parks and ancient civil structures.
a street map of Beijing (1993)from MapMatrix - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it. NOTE: Scroll down, the map is after their Paypal announcement. Warning: old map, use only as reference, purchase updated street map whence you get there.
History and culture - by China Travel Service
Beijing - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing subway map - Beijing subway map (2004), only as reference, buy a updated map ASAP when you arrive in Beijing!
Beijing subway map (2002) - in English, but only as reference
Beijing Travel Tips - Great tips about buses, taxi, and subways.
Beijing Maps - by Beijing! Travel Tips (buy an updated map ASAP upon arrival in Beijing!)
Beijing Trip - extensive travel information on hotels, attractions, dining, shopping and tour packages within Beijing or other cities in China.
Books about Beijing - names of the book, prices and order info. (U.S. toll free phone numbers)
Electrical outlets in China - voltage in China is 220V 50 Hz, power sockets available in China are Type A, Type I, and Type C plugs (buy travel power adapters that have these plugs). Click here for more info and where to buy.
Republican Beijing - Old Beijing: a growing fascination while its physical remnants are being bulldozed. Prof. Madeleine Yue Dong, from Univ. Washington offers the first comprehensive history of Republican Beijing ...
What is Pinyin? - Pinyin is the official romanization system of Chinese.
HSK - The Chinese Proficiency Test - for details, call: (010) 6231-7150, 6232-7531 x2672, 2685; or email; or
- thinking about getting a Driver's Licence in Beijing?
Weather info. in China - major cities, wind, temp.(high/low) in Fahrenheit.
Beijing Today - from Yahoo! weather, in Celsius (for conversion, visit Temperature Converter)
Beijing weather - USA Today 5 day forecast (temp. in degree Fahrenheit with conversion to Celsius).
Beijing weather - Intellicast 4 day forecast, with daily highs and lows in degree Celsius.
Beijing's four seasons - Beijing has four definite seasons
Beijing's Ring Roads - Beijing is one of the few cities to have multiple ring roads or beltways. Learn the locations and the history.
Beijing Travel Tips - a brand new travel guide aimed to help visitors to better get acquainted with Beijing ...
Beijing - Peter M. Geiser's Internet Travel Guide: you will get to know each Beijing districts' names
Beijing - from ChinaPlanner
Facts on Beijing - Beijing Investment Guide (1996)
Beijing Destination - air, hotel, car and Inn reservations (no pictures)
Beijing Economy - Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Foreign Trade, Finance and more ...
Beijing Window
City Weekend: Beijing - Entertainment Guides for exhibitions, gallaries, museums, bars, nightclubs, sports, foods, films, shows, and more...
A city built to inspire - Histories of some of the most common sites
Beijing Before the Olympics - A travel guide contains 360-degree panoramas photos of major tourist sites, useful info on money, language, and transportation. WARNING: contains large files, so it could be slow unless you are using High Speed Connections.
Photos of Major Beijing tourist sites - hosted at China Travel Highlights
Photo Albums of Beijing
Beijing Vista - a graphic intro to Beijing's major parks ...
Beijing in Pictures
Portraits of Beijing <4.27.00> - by Jeff Booth
Beijing, China. June 4, 1989 - Caught on Camera
Beijing Attractions at Virtual Tourist - BEST Tourist Attraction reviews and photos (scroll down) and lots more.
Beijing's Central Radio & TV Tower - The 405-metre high tower is located on Xisanhuan (W. 3rd Bellway) Rd. in Beijing, close to the 15.4-hectare Yuyuantan Park.
Beijing's HuTong - A hutong is an ancient city alley or lane typical in Beijing.
The Palace Museum (official site)
Forbidden City (The Palace Museum) - Emperors of Ming and Ching Dynasties lived here ... a tour of the Forbidden City - details, details ... National Palace Museum in Taipei - where a lot of the original Palace art work collections are located
Imperial Gardens - The imperial gardens in Beijing were built to complement to the Forbidden City.
Peking Man - From 1929 to 1937, 14 partial craniums, 11 lower jaws, many teeth, skeletal bones and large numbers of stone tools were discovered at Zhoukoudian, near Beijing ...
The Great Wall including Different sections of the Wall; the The radar images.
The Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) - Backpackers: Join us to experience the amazing grandeur of the Great Wall at Jinshanling and Simatai, The Hiking Tour for the Real Marvel of the Great Wall in Beijing.
The Ming Tombs - A huge processional path lined with stone statues, leading to the tombs.
The Temple of the Sleeping Buddha
The Summer Palace - Take a good look at the Park
Tiananmen [China] built in Ming Dynasty - a birds' eye view picture
Di Tan (the Temple of Earth) - also known as Fengze Tan, was first built in 1530. It is the center for the annual celebration of the Spring Festival
Xiang Shan (The Fragrant Hill) Park. - Fall leaves, a map of the park and links to more info.
Wanshou Temple[the Temple of Longevity] - with a reputation of 'Mini-Forbidden-City in West Beijing', it's where the Beijing Art Museum was built in 1577 in Ming Dynasty.
Yuan Ming Yuan - the whole historic story and the ruins
Locals' favorites - Old Beijing Mini Landscape Park, Grand View Garden (Da Guan-yuan?), Xiang Shan Park (The Fragrant Hill), Zizhuyuan Park, Badachu Park, Longtan park, Taoranting Park, and the most famous, morning moon at LuGouQiao Bridge ...
Amusement Park - a very brief description, address, and phone number; also other theme parks in China
ShiDu - a prominent place for sightseeing in southwest suburb of Beijing City
Miyun Reservoir - located 100 km northeast of Beijing City, is a mountain valley reservoir.
ShiHuaDong Cave - located in Fangshan District, 50km south-west from Beijing City, with many splendid views like the Site of Peking Man, the Stone Scripture Museum ...
YunJuSi Temple
Panda - the National Treasure - first Pandas, their homes, social behavior, captive breeding and conservation ...
Beijing Attractions - a list of some of the museums in Beijing
The National Museum of China - with lots of photos and texts.
Beijing WenBo info. - Beijing Manicipal Administration of Cultural Heritage
THE CHINESE MILITARY MUSEUM - The Chinese Military Museum stands North of Fuxing Rd. It is located directly South of YuYuanTan Park.
Beijing Art Museum the collection amount to about 50,000 pieces which range from the Neolithic age to the Ming and Qing Dynasty, as well as the modern times.
Tourist Beijing Blogs for photos and reviews.
Beijing eTours - one-stop shop for top selling Day Tours and packages
Beijing at TripAdvisor - Hotel reviews and comparison, Hostels, Attractions, Maps, Discussion forums, and more! Be sure to check out the User reviews for the best hotels!
Survival facts on travel to China - Visas, Customs, Money, Weather, Time, Electricity, Operating Hours and Public Holidays - (click on "survival Facts" link on the sidebar) an absolute must read!
Useful Phone Numbers in Beijing - Emergencies, airlines, and hospitals ...
Beijing Travel - from, loads of useful information to get you started
CITS (China International Travel Service) - There is so much that we can do for you ...
Beijing Xinhua International Tours - An authentic Chinese travel agency based in Beijing, providing custom tours in Beijing and all over China. We handel hotel and flight reservations. We take urgent inquiries and accept last minute bookings. We welcome potential business partners.
China Warrior Tours - An online China tour operator offers packaged tours and custom tours.
2008Tour in China - Tour Beijing and other cities
Beijing Highlights Travel - Well organized Travel Guide page with hundreds of tour packages including Beijing; great hotels deals; customized China travel services since 1959.
My Beijing China - Specializing Taylor made packages for you.
Budget Travel - Beijing - Budget Travel in Beijing is very available but not always easy ... - You will find this page very useful.
Beijing World Culture Travel Service - a professional agency specializing in cultural tours
China etravel
Domestic airline booking offices in Beijing
Travel Handbook - From Beijing to ... (a major city in China)
Travel Handbook - From (a major city in China) ... to Beijing
Travel Tips - including Air Travel, Transportation, Climate, Electricity, Water, Medical Services and Clothing information in Beijing.
TravelASSIST - an on-line magazine
Shopping in Beijing - major shopping areas, shopping centers, and speciality markets - portals to vacation travels, discount and reservation on hotels, etc.
Beijing Hotels at TripAdvisor - BEST Hotel reviews and comparison, Hostels, and more! Be sure to check out the User reviews for the best hotels!
Tourist Beijing Blogs for photos and reviews.
Presidential Plaza Beijing - The five-star Hotel is centrally located in Xicheng district close to the commercial, banking, government ministries, and the Hi-Tech zone.
Beijing Hotel - This is THE Beijing Hotel, the old building was built in 1900, at the turn of the century. It is located in the center of Beijing, right on Chang-An Jie St.
Beijing hotel link - a long list of the most popular hotels in Beijing, by - is a service to help hotel bookings in China. It offers up-to-date price info. and great discount.
Beijing Hotel and Resorts - listed from the lowest prices upward
Beijing Hotel Information - three to five star hotels listed by
Beijing Hotel virtual tours - Selections from various suites, rooms, Club Lounge, Swim & Fitness and High Technology
SinoHotelGuide - hotels sorted by star rating (from 5 to 1) in Beijing Municipality.
Beijing Hotel Promotional Bargain Rates - by district locations - Looking for cheap hotel rates in Beijing?
Best Hotels in Beijing - by Beijing! Travel Tips
Beijing Hotels on Room-Key - offers net wholesale rates with 24 hour/7day LIVE ONLINE Customer Services
China Hotels Online - click on" Hotel" on the left, then " Beijing" (or any other cities) right below the discount prices. They also offer hotels with real time booking in all areas of China with price, location and area maps.
Guide to discount hotels - Guide to discounted hotels including Beijing, attractions, maps and more ...
The Great Wall Sheraton - Located in the Diplomatic District, the five star hotel is five minutes from the Agricultural Exhibition Center and the China International Exhibition Center ...
Radisson SAS, Hotel Beijing - four star hotel; Toll free phone: 10800 6100 333
Grand Hotel Beijing a five star hotel
The Capital Hotel - located on East Qian Men Street, a busy shopping area in downtown Beijing
Grand View Garden Hotel - a four star hotel carefully blended into the famous Da Guan Yuan Park
New Otani Hotel
The Palace Hotel - No.8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts - five locations in Beijing
Wangfujing Grand Hotel - 57 Wangfujing Ave ... in Beijing's busiest business/shopping area ...
Gloria Plaza Hotel - 2 Jianguomennan Ave, situated in the Capital's modern downtown ...
Yu Yang Hotel - a four star hotel overlooks Liangma River in the eastern part of Beijing
Jing Guang New World Hotel - Chao Yang District
Tianlun Dynasty Hotel - five star located in the busiest commercial area: 50 Wangfujing Ave.
Novotel-XinQiao - located at 2 Dong Jiao Min Xiang St. in Dong Cheng District
Peace Hotel (Beijing Novotel) - Located at 3 Jinyu Hutong in the heart of Beijing near the famous Wangfujing area, it was established to serve the Asia-Pacific Peace Conference in 1952.
Beijing Qian Men Hotel - a three star hotel, strikingly elegant and built at the very heart of the commercial and business center of the city
Hua Du Hotel - a three star hotel, located north of the Airport Road and south of the Liangma River
Ji-Men Hotel - two star Are you travelling on a shoe-string? Looking for a backpackers lodge?
Beijing Peony Hotel - two star: No.31 HuaYuan-DongLu Rd., Haidian District
Zhaolong International Youth Hostel - two star Tel: 86-10-65972299 ext. Youth Hostel; Fax: 86-10-65972288 attn. Youth Hostel
Beijing ZhaoLong Hotel - Five Stars, located at, 2 Workers' Stadium N. Road, Chaoyang District
Jade Palace Hotel - (Tel):(86-10) 6256-1448; (Fax):(86-10) 6256-1447
LiShi Hotel - Tel: 86-10-65220033; Fax: 86-10-65134346 (US$31, standard twin)
Lusongyuan Hotel - Tel: 86-10-64040436; Fax: 86-10-64030418 (US$31, standard single rm)
Beijing Meeting Venues at a glance - an excellent page gives details comparing meeting facilities in major Beijing Hotel, including: addresses, phone, fax, emails, food services, recreation and other facilities, meeting supporting facilities, meeting room capacities, etc.
Beijing Tourist Pages at Virtual Tourist - BEST Tourist reviews and photos (for tourist by tourist) and lots more.
Beijing Travel Forum at VirtualTourist - discuss and find answers to your Beijing travel questions
Beijing Forum at TripAdvisor - discuss and find answers to your Beijing related travel questions
My Beijing - Do-it-yourself Beijing, gives you 'where' and 'what' tips that will make your journey so much more pleasant!
The Amazon - exchange rate is roughly $1 to 8RMB
Journey to Beijing - by Graham Hawker
Active Beijing and the Great Wall
Life in Beijing and the nature of the Multiverse - I describe life in Beijing from an expat perspective...
The Bathroom Diaries - a guide to tourist-friendly toilets in Beijing and around the world.
Entertainment Overview
Dance Beijing
Shop Beijing - at Cheng Xiang Hua Mao Mall (in Chinese)
LaoShe Tea House - Traditional Chinese Tea culture
Chinese Papercut - English or Yahoo/Chinese - Chinese Papercutting is a unique art ...
Beijing Opera - Beijing Opera (or Peking Opera) has existed for over 200 years ...
All about Peking Opera
Beijing Opera Modern Plays - The so called Eight Model plays were formed during 1966-1976
Beijing Opera Sound files - Listen to clips of Beijing Opera arias ..
Beijing Restaurant tips - Brief intro, addresses, descriptions, and reviews of local restaurants around Beijing @
Beijing Restaurants - from TravelChinaGuide
Main staple of Beijing - by Martin Yan
Another Beijing Cuisine page - with photos
Beijing Tanghulu - a famous snack among young sweet-lovers, a crystalline sugar-coated haws on a stick
Restaurant Guide - a list of the famous ... Tan Family Cuisine, Beijing Roast Duck, Mongolian/Moslem, and the Imperial styles ... to list just a few
Beijing Beer a text file
Beijing Beer Hunter - a number of small brewers offering an alternative to fizzy poison
Yan Jing Beer
Beijing GuoAn - Team history, news and photos ... and more!
Golden Girls on Beijing Street - a popular physical exercise for the elderly
China Economic Summit 2005 - May 24-25, 2005, The Great Hall of the People and Beijing International Hotel
Xianzai Beijing - To know more about the current events in Beijing
Dreaming Days - we have no money, only MUSIC TO SPREAD ...
Ancient Astronomic Observing Instruments Exhibition - Ancient Observatory 6512-8923, Daily
Beijing News networks - more than ten publications of Beijing newspapers (in Chinese)
Beijing Real Estate [Australia]
People's Daily - includes People's Daily, People's Daily Oversea Edition, Market, and more ... (Chinese software required)
Washington Post: China - news, weather, stock/currency and more ...
Chinese Medicine: Meridian Science
Ruth Lor Malloy's Beijing - A Travel Writer's Guide to One of Her Favorite Cities
Beijing Agriculture University [China] 'Nong Da' and it's Alumni Page
Beijing University Of Applied Technology
Beijing Univ. of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology and English version
Beijing Film Academy
Beijing Forestry University Alumni Page - 'Lin Xue Yuan'
Beijing Inst. of Architectural Design & Research
Peking University Medical School - 'BeiYi'
Alumni Page [China]
Beijing New Asia Univ. - a privately owned and operated institute endorsed by the Beijing Municipal Government and approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education
Beijing Polytech. University [China] a Unofficial website [USA]
Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute - 'R Y'
Beijing Univ. of Aeronautics & Astronautics [China] - 'Bei Hang'
Beijing University of Chemical Technology [China]
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications [China] - "You Dian"
Central University for Nationalities [China] - 'Min Yuan'
Communication Univ. of China formally "Beijing Broadcasting Institute"
Institute of High Energy Physics, Academia Sinica - 'Gao nen suo"
Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing [China] - 'Bei Jiao Da' (no response 5.25)
Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) [China] 'Xie He'
Alumni [USA]
Tsinghua University [China]
UPC2, and UPC3
University of Science and Technology of Beijing [China] - in Chinese
Western Academy of Beijing - seeks to provide international education programs for students from the ages of 3-14 years. It's an independent, nonprofit, co-ed day school that serves the needs of the Beijing expatriate community.
Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada - This is the first school in Beijing, China to allow Chinese students from Beijing and other provinces to enroll in the same education programs (High School and College level) together with foreign students.
Exchange Programs in Beijing - includes both teaching and studying there
Study in China! UPDATED <11-30-02> - China today is a fascinating place to explore through study, travel, and the experience of living with the Chinese. Courses taught in English.
Univ. of International Business and Economics - explore the culture, language, and opportunities in China
Semester in Beijing/Hong Kong - World Capitals Program/American Univ., DC
Delter International Business Inst. - Delter's Beijing campus opened in May of 1995. Our courses range from Basic English, through to an accredited MBA in the most modern "English only" environment ...
Universities and Colleges in Beijing - a complete list
Knowledge Exchange Inst. - study abroad at the finest univs. and research ctrs. around the world. We provide cultural experience and are always conduct in English ...
Lehman, Lee & Xu, China Attorneys - Patent and trademark agents
LehmanBrown - located in 23 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, an accounting and financial advisory firm.
English version - at Tsinghua U. Homepage
Tsinghua Univ. Library - Chinese system required.
Peking Univ. Library
Beijing Normal University Library - Chinese system required.
CAS headquarter - in Chinese
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences - The institute has three laboratories, three engineering centers, three development departments, and one company.
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS
Microbial Information Network of China- provided by Info. Network Ctr., Inst. of Microbiology, CAS
Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences [China]
Institute of Softwares, CAS- in Chinese
Institute of Science and Technology Information of China
Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing International - Beijing's official website portal, provide foreigners with comprehensive information regarding work, study, investment, and government.
Development Research Center of the State Council - a policy research and consulting institution
The State Information Center - under the State Planning Commission, it provides comprehensive and basic economic information and consultant services
The Ministry of Electronics Industry - is under the State Council and in charge of the electronics industry.
Beijing Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission - under the Beijing Municipal Government
Chinese Gov. agency info. - a list compares the new with the old systems
Beijing No 1 Machine Tool Plant - (Beijing Di Yi Ji Chuang Chang) One of the most important machine manufacture in China.
Beijing Haidian Science Park - located to the Northwest suburb of Beijing, known as China's Silicon Valley
Invest Beijing - Beijing's development zones
Beijing Business Directory - by
Beijing Bao Shu Tang - a new chain most famous for a skin cream, Bao Fu Ling, that's established in 1989
BeijingLives - a website built by a multinational team (Chinese, American and Canadian) about life in Beijing, including, Nightlife: listings for over 200 bars and clubs; Arts/Culture: over 80 Beijing art galleries and museums; Beijing Restaurants: more than 270 places to eat; Community: listings of Beijing schools, hospitals, sports and charity groups...
HongQiao (Pearl) Market - located in the south central area of Beijing in ChongWen District, east of TianTan (Temple of Heaven) ph: 86 (0)10 6713 3354
China Free HomeStay - The guest will pay a one time $200USD Finder fee for a 6 months stay, and is required to spend at least 4 hours per week exchanging language and culture with the host family.
Average Salaries in Beijing - that was 1996, and the current 2004 salary report : average salary in Beijing/month: RMB 3764
Beijing Community Forum - An online discussion forum for sharing information and experiences about living and having fun in Beijing, either as an expat, a traveler, a web-browser, or as a local residence.
ExpatsInChina - Whether you have been living here,are planning to move, or just want to learn more about Chinese culture, you've come to the right place
World Leisure Expo 2006 - first ever World Leisure EXPO opens in the city of Hangzhou, China from April 22 - October 22, 2006
China Online - News, Weather, Travel, Education, Health, Dining, Jobs, Forum and more...
Asia Pacific Access - offering quality consulting services to multinational companies conducting business in China for over ten years.
Chinese History Virtual Library - People's Republic of China (1949-present)
China Holidays - an established tour operator in the UK to exclusively deal with China travels that sell directly to the customers
Chinese History for Beginners
Chinese Architectural and History - Architectural designs in China (especially from Beijing).
China Homepage at Cernet [China] - Education/Research, Networking, Events, Entertainment, and Publications/News
Traditional Chinese Medicine - Chinese medicine related info including: Acupuncture, Tuina/Massage, Health/Beauty, Books, Product Lists ...
Badges of Chairman MAO Zedong - a history of the badge_buttons, and a few more samples of Mao_buttons
The Official Hong Kong Homepage
Hong Kong: between two worlds
Chinese Names - a comprehensive dictionary to get an English name translated into Chinese. (just the names, no regular translation services)
Hong Kong: Live it. Love it. - by the Hong Kong Tourism Board


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